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... is dedicated to the most exciting music we have on this planet
... will heavily represent my taste: mainly Hardcore Jazz, Guitar Jazz
... offers Midis, pictures, videos, infos, fun, links and more
... will make use of high-quality material only
... will live only when you make suggestions and contributions 

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The theme song of this website is Oliver Nelson's "Stolen Moments" . It's from the LP/CD "Blues And The Abstract Truth", rec. 1961 by Oliver Nelson (ts), Eric Dolphy (fl), Freddie Hubbard (tp), George Barrow (bs), Bill Evans (p), Paul Chambers (b) and Roy Haynes (dr). This song is one of my all-time favorites and I was glad to find it in the internet, because this midifile is also extremely well made. You can play the original recording along with the midi and don't hear greater differences! Thanks to the unknown author !
The other MIDI-songs on this page are also personal favorites and cover a wide range of styles. I chosed them from a musician's view as well as from a technical viewpoint. My main criterion are: Correct harmonies and soloing, realistic instrumentation, interesting arrangement and perfect midi-programming. There are many poor ones to find, which I don't want to present here ! The midi's have a filesize between 10 and 170 kb - most of them have less than 100 kb. Go to Midis to get more information about the files!
A new midiscript (since April 2000) now supports more browsers and plug-ins! When you enter the site one of ten pre-selected midis is played randomly (this selection contains the new midis of the month). But you still have a choice: Any time you click on the refresh button below the player another one of the pre-selection is randomly picked - or you choose another title out of the list. In all cases the running midi will be stopped and the new one plays and continues playing, wherever you are across the whole site!
New from August 2003 on: you can choose pre-selected and randomly played midis from different categories - you just have to click "refresh" or the chosen category again (or another one) and the next one will play.

Due to complaints of the phono industry from August 2002 there are no more MP3s on this site, except some examples of midifiles converted to the MP3 standard (see Download/Soundfonts and Midis). The MP3 section has been moved from the title bar and is replaced by the Vinyl section in December 2004, which offers rare jazz records.

The Pictures section shows some black & white ones and some Colour Pictures. The pictures from my Private Archive have been taken at various concerts in Europe, mainly during the eighties, when I took my camera to nearly every concert (see also the e-Art section with digitally edited pictures).

Concerning the video collection: Yes it's true - there are more than 2000 hours of fine video jazz available, rare recordings, pretty good quality and nearly every musician who ever appeared in the movies or on screen! In the Videos section you first should see the Animated Gifs I made of some musicians. Some RealMedia files out of my collection are on this website, starting with the one and only Wes Montgomery (Single Videos).
New since April 99 in the Video-Section: Cinema - view and listen to all previous videos continuously!!!!
Since December 99 there is an Info On Jazz Films section with interesting things about collecting Jazz Videos.
If you want to trade, please notice that there's a difference between the North-American (and also the Japanese) TV-Standard (NTSC) and the one we have here (PAL), but in spite of that there are ways to convert tapes.

Jazz and Art - several modern art painters are close to Jazz and music in general - here are some examples: Paintings from this century which have a jazz and/or music content. See also the e-Art section with digitally altered pictures.

The Fun section shows what you can do with java applets and java scripts. There are also cartoons and other pictures and a sub section with jokes - hope you like it!

It's very hard always to have up-to-date Links on a webpage, because the URLs and/or the contents are changing frequently, so I have well choosen links here that are more reliable.

The Info section gives an comprehensive overview about styles, abbreviations, aliases for musicians' names, jazz in the movies and jazz polls.

In the Download area of this page you'll find some soundfonts I created or edited, starting with the jAzZgUiTaR-soundfont I made of one of my guitars (a Gibson L-5). Furthermore there are some other own contributions (skins for Winamp and n.player, TheJazzPage-Screensaver, textfiles of HTML-pages), links to software I suggest for visiting this page and (new since summer 2002) links to selected Freeware programs I recommend.


One urgent request: Please provide feedback on my page and report all errors - also critical comments are welcome! There's an easy way: Send me an E-Mail, because I need this information to improve this website over the time. Go to the Contact section! You also can reach me via ICQ when I'm online or you can subscribe to a monthly newsletter from TheJazzPage!


Some important remarks on authorship/copyright concerning this page:

  1. This is a private page built by a Jazz enthusiast - there is no commercial interest. The only purpose is to make Jazz better known and to meet other Jazz people in the whole world.

  2. The materials used here are only examples to provide an impression of how something sounds or someone/something looks and therefore is for educational purpose.

  3. If there is any material on which someone has special rights and doesn't want reproduced it here: write me an E-Mail and I will delete this material immediately. Otherwise see it as free advertising for the most exciting music we have on this planet !!!

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You should have a wavetable soundcard installed, especially for the midi files. If not, you should at least get the wavetable emulator "Wingroove" at ... http://www.cc.rim.or.jp/~hiroki/english.

For streaming video in the RealMedia format you need at least a 56K modem since the streams are sent with 34kbps. Be sure to set up the RealPlayer according to your internet connection and proxy settings.

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Web page design: Sometimes it's also part of my regular job to design other web pages (content, design & programming). I also have extensive experience with desktop publishing, picture & sound editing, data conversion and many other computer related areas. I provide consulting and design services in these areas, so if you need assistance please feel free to send me an E-Mail with a short description of your needs. You will get an answer within two days.

(text updated July 2002)

About me ...

Hello ! My name is Norbert, your host and webmaster. I live in Germany and have been listening to and playing Jazz for more than 25 years. Because I have a lot to share with fellow Jazz lovers I decided to build this page. As you see on the photo I'm also interested in the topic 'Jazz Guitar'.

So look and listen - and enjoy this page !


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