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skin v1.0 for Winamp

This free Winamp skin is made with colours and fonts I use on TheJazzPage and is for all Winamp components: main player, equalizer, playlist and Minibrowser! It consumes much less memory than most other skins (only 335 kb) and also works with lower resolutions (tested with Winamp version 2.5c).

Installation: go to your Winamp's "Skin"-folder, make a new directory and name it "TheJazzAmp", extract all files from the zip archive into this new directory. Open Winamp, go to "Options" and "Skins" and select "TheJazzAmp" or whatever you have called the folder.



v 1.0 (for Windows 95/98/NT/2000)

This screensaver uses Flash-animations from this website (but there are no Flash plug-ins required). Just download the install program and follow the instructions!




skin for n.player

You like the design of this webpage and would like to have a similar design for the multimedia player n.player (recommended freeware in March 03)? Here it is, made for the purpose to get the maximum of functionality from the recommended n.player! It consists of the main window with integrated VUMeter that changes to a video preview when a video is chosen - beside the usual buttons (play, pause, stop, back, forward, next/last track) there are also four speed buttons, play one/all and repeat one/all buttons - also integrated in the main surface: drive list, media list and zoom buttons. The equalizer window as well as the video window (zoom, position and brightness/contrast/saturation) can be opened from the main window too. The small video control bar resides at the bottom of the screen in full screen modus (when you move your mouse to the bottom).
Oh, what I forgot: n.player skins are fully resizable and the colors may be changed also!

Installation: just place the jazzplayer.dat file into n.player's "skins"-folder and choose the jazz.player skin from the preferences menu / look and feel.


video mode:

sound mode:


video controls:
video control bar
in full screen mode:
be sure to look for new versions of n.player every few days - it's still developing!



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as far as I know this works only with MS Internet Explorer

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