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(to play the soundfiles you need to have a MP3-player plugin)

Here are some quickies of my own,
played on a Gibson L-5 CES-N (built 1970)
and a Polytone Mini-Brute II Amp.
There is no overdubbing, I only use a little bit reverb
and sometimes a chorus effect, nothing else!

some (shortened) pieces of rehearsals together with the band
(MP3: 48 kbps/22050 Hz)
(guitar, guitar, bass, drums, rec. Sept. 2000)
Robin´s Nest
(guitar, soprano sax, bass, drums, rec. April 2001)
Funk In Deep Freeze
(guitar, bass, drums, rec. June 2002)

Pictures from a gig in June 2001:


how a cartoonist saw me ...